Welcome to Schneider Energy Consulting.

Schneider Energy Consulting, is a leader in consulting services for owners and operators in the oil & gas industry. Schneider has been dedicated to providing the highest quality oilfield consultants in North America and continues to meet customers’ needs with a focus on expertise, safety, and efficiency.

Why choose Schneider Energy Consulting?

Why choose Schneider Energy Consulting?  Schneider is one of the industry’s longest tenured and trusted names consulting firms in the industry.  Are success is rooted in treating our consultants like family.  We take straightforward, honest and fair approach to how we recruit, pay and place consultants in the field.

We understand that as consultants, you have a choice on who you choose to work with…we appreciate it and respect it. That’s why when we place you on a job, we want to make sure it’s the best opportunity not only for you, but for your family.

Regional Placement For

  • Drilling Consultants
  • Completion Consultants
  • Water Transfer Consultants
  • Water Disposal Consultants

Benefits Include

  • Flexible and negotiable pay structures at industry standards or higher
  • Reliable and timely electronic invoicing and payment
  • Superior personalized partnership with regional staff
  • Schneider Energy Consultants provides liability insurance coverage to our consultants and employees

Schneider Energy Consulting is seeking experienced frac consultants. Requirements are as follows: • Five years of verifiable horizontal frac supervision experience in the DJ Basin • Experience with sliding sleeve and plug & perf operations • Experience with WellView software • Current Well Control certificate • Applicants must be willing to join the Schneider Energy Consulting team as an employee. Only those candidates who meet the requirements need apply. All other resumes will not be reviewed. Please send resumes to jobs@schneiderenergy.com

Submit a Resume

Please submit your resume along with filling out our short form. Once resume is submitted you can expect a confirmation email of our receipt of your resume. Thank you for considering Schneider, we look forward to looking over your file.

Questions? Contact Human Resources at 970.867.9437.