Welcome to Schneider Energy Consulting.

Schneider Energy Consulting, is a leader in consulting services for owners and operators in the oil & gas industry. Schneider has been dedicated to providing the highest quality oilfield consultants in North America and continues to meet customers’ needs with a focus on expertise, safety, and efficiency.

When it comes to consulting, expertise is what matters most. Schneider Energy Consulting is dedicated to matching the right people with your operations…no compromises.

We’re Oil & Gas Experts

For over twenty-five years Schneider Energy Consulting has been helping E&P companies.

As shale plays in North America continue to expand and the industries talent gap continues to widen, quality expert consulting is one of the industry’s biggest challenges.

Schneider has a proven track record of delivering what the operators need most, where they need it.

Meet Our Team

  • Jeff Schneider


    Mr. Schneider brings more than 30 years of oil and gas experience to his role as President of Schneider Energy Consulting, a position he has held since the company’s inception in 1985. He currently oversees 50 consultants with expertise in all aspects of oil and gas well drilling and completions. His broad personal expertise includes staking locations and landowner relations, fracking and wireline and grease injection, horizontal well completions and drillouts. Select Energy Services acquired Schneider Energy Services in 2011, and Mr. Schneider also served as Vice President of Operations for Select, where he was responsible for profitability and growth of all service lines in the Rockies region.  Prior to that, Mr. Schneider held field positions with Rival Services, Inc.


  • Kevin Bothwell

    Vice President of Operations

    Mr. Bothwell brings more than 30 years of oil and gas experience to his role as Vice President of Operations at Schneider Energy Consulting. Kevin spend the first part of his career in production operations, logging 17 years with what eventually became Anadarko Petroleum. In addition to his role as Production Superintendent at APC, he has held various roles in the service industry, including General Manager at Schneider Energy Services, Rockies Region Vice President as well as Central Division Vice President at Select Energy Services. Mr. Bothwell currently oversees the daily business operations of Schneider Energy Consulting.

  • Chad Lambert

    HSE Manager

    As Safety Manager for Schneider Energy Consulting, Mr. Lambert is instrumental in promoting and developing a strong safety culture geared toward continuous improvement.  He is also responsible for IT, security, and fleet assets in addition to the practical application of safety standards and government regulations. He joined Schneider Energy Services in 2007 and served briefly as Anadarko water disposal supervisor before moving into an HSE role. After Select Energy Services acquired Schneider Energy in 2011, Mr. Lambert assumed the role of HSSE Manager of the Rockies region for Select. Mr. Lambert began his career in safety and security with the United States Navy as an Aviation Electronics Technician with an F-14 fighter squadron aboard the USS Nimitz.

  • Tom Keller

    Sales Manager / Human Resources

    As Sales and Human Resources Manager at Schneider Energy Consulting Tom brings 40 years of operational management experience to these positions.  He began his working career as the Accountant and Personnel Coordinator at the City of Fort Morgan.  He worked in operations and safety for J.W. Gibson Well Service, operations for Schneider Energy Services and Select Energy Services, and was Rockies Region Sales Manager for Select.  He and his wife owned their own business for 10 years and he understands the daily problems facing business operations and employee wellbeing.  Tom brings a wealth of experience and a depth of understanding to both Sales and Human Resources.


Schneider’s Commitment to Customers, Communities, Safety and the Environment

At Schneider Energy Consulting, we look at things differently. We see every decision as an opportunity to do things better, more intelligently and more conscientiously. With the oil and gas industry changing more and more every day, we know leading the way is going to take extra effort to make those changes work effectively for our customers and consultants. What’s more, we know that with leading comes accountability. That’s why we go above and beyond to demonstrate our commitment to our customers and consultants and protect our environment and communities with the highest degree of integrity and enthusiasm.


Our mission is to help our customers achieve their goals—and then deliver more. In doing so, we take it upon ourselves to hand-select consultants that have the needed expertise, hard working and passionate about what they do to ensure that our customers consistently receive the expert attention and service they deserve.

And by going the extra mile when it comes to working in the most efficient, safe and ethical manner possible, we set ourselves apart from other companies and provide the leadership and partnership that our customers expect. After all, there is nothing greater for us to hear than, “They did everything expected of them, and more.”


Our team is the heart of what we do, and their safety and wellbeing are paramount. Each of our employees and consultants are trained in current worksite safety procedures and well control. We know that by keeping our team safe, we are able to keep our customers’ operation moving forward.

All of our employees are trained to act as Safety Consultants as well as Wellsite Consultants.  Adhering to industry standards through ISNetworld, PEC Premier, and OSHA guidelines, our employees are well versed in all that is safety in our challenging industry.  Schneider Energy Consulting has a long history of accident free work with 0 OSHA recordable incidents since inception.)


There is no time like the present, and Schneider is working diligently to cultivate a business environment that emphasizes and prioritizes environmentally sound decision-making—today. Select Energy Services strives to leverage the advancements in technology to provide environmentally friendly, cost effective solutions to operators. With a focus on minimizing impact, Select Energy Services continues to do our part to lead in responsible environmental practices.


Across North America, we call our worksite communities home. Our respect for these communities and appreciation for their hospitality runs deep. Therefore, it is our pledge to be a great neighbor. This starts with adhering to strict environmental standards in all that we do. It also means demonstrating great caution and workplace safety to protect our employees—and more importantly, support the communities in which we work.